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Released July 1, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: The Rocker (2008)

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SlayerIsTheStuff - "TAIK MAH HAND!..." -- Read more
Ok, if you are only stopping to consider downloading this one because you wonder if you will like the sound? Just... go download this. Think of it as Guns N Roses meets (old) Motley Crue meets Spinal Tap.

This songs guitar chart seems like its going to be a bore, and it starts out not so hot. But you keep playing, because the song is awesome.

Then, it hits you. The greatest solo a free song could ever have to offer. Its cascades at its finest. The solo was so much fun to play, I had to actually go back and play this song again before I moved on to the other tracks that came out this week.

Another plus, the nice, long, Big Rock Ending at the end, for the solo guitarist, this will make up some of the points you missed out on during that wicked solo.

This is the best free DLC that has EVER come out for ANYTHING. This honestly is worth every one of the 31mb's it takes up of your hard drive. Go download this NOW.

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Just Like The Real Thing Karmeleaux
A promotional hair metal songs that plays just like a real one, for all the pro and cons that involves.

Red sustains or straight eighths for the intro don't set one's expectations high. But the verses are a surprise, they follow the guitar, leading to some pretty fun movement around the fretboard, including a slow scale up to green every fourth repetition. It's definitely fun, but.

The chorus is largely standard bass fare, mostly straight eighths with a transition note between switching frets. And it's hair metal, so the song is like 40% chorus. There's a few flourishes, but it's not going to really save this part.

The instrumental bridge is even worst, being all sustains on bass while guitar and drums are having some fun.

It gets three-stars in total thanks to the verse and flourishes, but of course it's a free song (and disappearing soon!) so it's probably not bad to look into if you play another instrument as well.

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This song sounds like something you'd hear in an 80's teen comedy movie. It's just got that vibe. But the sing it pretty fun, though it has some lyrics you might not understand unless you see the movie. Overall it's a good opportunity to go all out cheesy 80's metal style.

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This is an example of a good bass song that doesn't even need to make use of HO/PO's. It's really good for what it is, and it's pretty fun to play throughout.

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It's not too exciting. The solo is pretty cool but isn't as cool as most people make it out to be. It's just a zig-zag that goes slow enough for most people to follow it.

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Would be 3 stars if it weren't so slow. There's a couple of crazy fills that'll take time to nail. Not a bad drum song, not an extremely good one either.

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Promised Land: Cool Caleb
Pretty sweet song. The vocals aren't very hard to sing, but it's just very awesome.

Did you notice, I'm bad at reviewing vocals songs?

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