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Released September 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Import
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Genre: New Wave
Album: Talking Heads: 77 (1977)

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A Pretty Killer Bass Karmeleaux
A number of rhythms, all decent fun, but nothing truly outstanding.

The verse here is six quarter notes on yellow, then an eighth green and a red sustain into the next repetition. It's simple and the least engaging part of the song, but not a bad rhythm and doesn't really stick around long enough to grate.

The chorus is pretty fun, with the first part being two different colored notes leading into a sustain, involving green orange reaches, and varied placement for most comfortable hand position. The second part is Y R Y 'gallops' (it's not really fast enough to be noticeable, but it is a gallop), which is simple enough but offers some more variations.

While both of these parts are fairly fun for their time, the best is yet to come. The bridge is a slow scale around the fretboard, before two faster scales from blue to green, then two more orange to red.

Another chorus, then we get to the outro/guitar solo. Rather than repeat a rhythm, this has a new one, which is pretty fun. It's Y O Y B eighths repeated throughout, which is good fun, but honestly without a lack of variation this does start to wear out its welcome by the end.

Still, it's got a lot of rhythms relative to most bass parts, and all of them are some level of fun. Worth a look back if you play bass.

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