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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Torches (2011)

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Better than I expected Dr Sardonicus
Out of all the songs in Blitz, I expected the least out of Pumped Up Kicks, along with We Are Young. Not in quality of the chart, but how often you play. The first time I heard it, I didn't even hear guitar. But now that I've played it, how's the chart. Surprisingly good!

After the drum intro, you go into the main riff, which mirrors the bass part for the most part, but goes off at some points. The main riff is simple, but enjoyable. You go all over the fretboard, and there are some hammer-ons thrown in occasionally.

After the main riff, you go into the verse, where you don't play. Luckily, the verses are short, so the wait isn't horrible. Plus the song is catchy enough to help with the wait, like with Don't Stop Me Now. After this is the chorus, and a verse where you actually play for the second half.

As soon as you hit the "run run run" section, though, the chart changes to a more chord based pattern. This part is also really fun, and can actually trip you up in places. You also play this section during the whistling (and apparently, the new strategy is charting whistling to keys), until you go back to the chorus, with the original pattern. And for the final repetition of chorus, you play the chord section.

So how'd I enjoy it? I'd say I enjoy it a lot. While there are only two patterns, I found both patterns to be a lot of fun, and the waiting's only in the first half, after which it's nonstop playing. While some people might find it repetitive, I found it enjoyable. In terms of Foster the People songs, I'd put it above Helena Beat, and below Color on the Walls.
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So-so, but fun enough for a play or two. Decibelle
The chart is seperated into three parts. In the intro you play some weird kind of pattern with blue and yellow, that I think is charted to some kind of weird background synth of random noises. The first time you play it, you might fail from not expecting it. Then after you play three-note chord sustains, that take up the majority of the song. There's empty space in the verses, but the wait isn't too bad. Then you get to the outro, where you play some whistling part. It moves around the keyboard enough that, despite it repeating a few times, has variety to not be so bad.

So it is mostly sustains, but the intro and outro inject some flavor into the song, enough to not make it suck.
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