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Released October 12, 2010 for Rock Band
Are You Experienced: Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Are You Experienced (1967)

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Drum-gasm Jacobtheboffin
This song is amazing, I will start off by saying. (Yoda, I am)

The song starts of like Know your enemy by green day, and is the simplest part of the song

Then the song starts, and you are given a long line of easy rolls on the snare, with fills splitting them up.

The chorus is a simple ride beat, but is in dispersed with very long, fast fills, which will ruin combos, and can even put many players in the red.

This song shows that Hendrix was not all about his weed and guitar, there was also a drummer back there too.This song is a must have for any capable rock band drummer
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