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Released March 4, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Bang Camaro (2007)
Author: RockGamer

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Utterly Amazing Ending Gigakoops
We start the song with a mix of strumming and HOPO chains, rooting ourselves at the green note and switching to hammer-on higher notes. After the lead medley of basic sustains, we have our first verse. The verse riff is essentially pairs of ascending and descending notes, best alt-strummed, though you can hammer on the first of each pair after the first.

The chorus has a great mix of chords and HOPO chains, with jumps from simple to semi-challenging riffs. After a different lead medley, we repeat the verse and chorus.

Then we have a bass bridge, which is essentially blank space, but I don't mind. After a bit of that, we have both simple and fast, HOPO chords. We then have a changing eighth-note riff with string-bend sustains at the end of each repetition.

The first solo is short, but certainly not easy, as it's mostly comprised of ascending triplet HOPOs before settling down to slower descending HOPOs, ending on a chord.

After another chorus, we begin the outro with some sustained chords before beginning the amazing part. You see, most authoring groups would have left most of this as a Big Rock Ending. However, this is early RBN, so experimentation took place and you actually play the shredtastic solo at the end. There is a long series of HOPO patterns that range from semi-challenging to furious fretwork. It is rewarding to hit.

If you don't have this song, you're doing yourself a disservice, as it is one of the most fun non-devils RBN charts I've come across.
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