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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Moontan (1973)

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Radar Love (Lips)
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Nicolas-1223 - "Go censorship!..." -- Read more
Hey, DLCQuickplay!

Recently (and by recently I mean two minutes ago) I decided to play the on-disc song "Radar Love" on Legacy keys! And wow, is it BORING!

It's not so much that the few parts there are to the song are boring (they are), but moreso that the song is SIX MINUTES, with about ONE MINUTE'S WORTH OF TRUMPET PARTS!!!

There is a nice section in the middle after the solo where you get to play a cool trumpet melody, but it's not long enough to warrant any more than a one-star rating.
11.23.11 9:44pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Not that awesome, folks. Gigakoops
Sorry, I don't see the appeal in this song on guitar. There's one nice little HOPO solo, but you must drudge through several minutes of dull chord movement before and after the fact. I'm sorry, but I found this dull to play.
05.26.12 11:25pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Best drum chart on RB3 zyyzyyzyy
This is my preferred drum song of choice whenever I play said instrument on RB3. Not only are pretty much every pattern in the song unique to the song, but they'res a drum solo as well that's a LOT of fun to play. The drum solo is actually my favorite section in the game to play on practice mode, it's so much fun. The outro is very difficult, but actually a lot of fun if you practice it. The only thing I don't like about this drum chart isn't the chart itself, I hate how the gold-star cutoff is very high, but that doesn't affect how I feel about the drum chart itself.

Absolutely do not skip this song on RB3, it's the most fun six minutes you'll have with an on-disc song. This is an easy A+ drum chart.

Grade: A+
Rate: 6/5 (gold stars)
Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
08.06.16 3:32pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Varied and fun, tricky but not masochistic The Walrus
You start with an 8th note swing beat on the snare, with just enough kicks and 16th notes charted to make it interesting. Then comes the chorus, which is a simpler ride beat. During the guitar solo, you a very interesting but manageable ride beat that has a lot of variety. Towards the end they throw a few toms in there as well.

Then comes the drum solo, which isn't the most challenging solo (it stays on the beat, and only uses the snare, the high and low tom, and an occasional crash) in the world, but man, is it fun to play.

You finish with another chorus, very fun and varied.

You won't keep combo on the ending unless you do a TON of practicing.
05.17.15 5:28am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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