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Released October 5, 2010 for Rock Band
R.E.M. 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Murmur (1983)

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This song is a blast on vocals and is extremely catchy too. If you dont know the words, you shouldn't have any trouble (Stipe can never remember them either), and the verses are all easy notes to hit. Pre-Choruses and Choruses are the most enjoyable parts of the song, the pre-choruses you will be singing "Radio Station, decide yourself" with long, easy-to-hit notes. The choruses are just as fun and easy to sing that you shouldn't have a problem. Even if your a bad singer, this song is a blast to play and if your a great one, this is a fun chance to really soar during those pre-choruses.
If you like this song, you should have bought it already.
If you like R.E.M., this is a must-buy.
If your mainly a vocalist, this a great warm-up song as the notes are easy to hit, but aren't so easy that its boring.
Obviously a great party song.
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Pretty consistent Madotsuki
From the beginning to the end of this song you will be playing a drum beat that isn't boring, but not exactly anything flashy. The pattern is fairly consistent on the hi-hat and with a few kicks thrown in, and is repeated throughout the verses and choruses (with the choruses being on the ride rather than the hi-hat). The pattern isn't difficult, but its played throughout the song without stopping that you may find yourself getting tired (unless your one of those drummers that never break a sweat). Overall, this is a great song and isn't easy, but isn't hard on drums and its also a great song to do if your warming up for a long night of drumming.
If you like this song, I would highly recommend it.
If you like R.E.M., you probably love this song already.
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