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Released September 20, 2011 for Rock Band
Celebrating Nirvana
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Genre: Grunge
Album: In Utero (1993)

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Good amount of movement, pretty entertaining Madotsuki
This song is pretty nice on bass for the most part. It has a decent amount of movement throughout, some little tricks that may require some quick strumming, and the only real break is during the guitar/vocal break, so you are constantly in motion.
Overall, its pretty entertaining, and has plenty of things going on to keep you from getting bored, its not the greatest bass chart ever, but its alot of fun.
06.11.12 10:18pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Mostly chords, some fun alt-strumming Madotsuki
Theres not a whole lot to say about this one, but I gotta admit, it was better than I expected.
This song mostly consists of chords (like most Nirvana songs) throughout, but there is also a significant amount of alt-strumming, that make things alot more interesting.
There are some weird parts in the choruses where there are single notes you can't really hear for some odd reason, but nevertheless, this song was definitely entertaining enough to deserve a 4/5.
If you mainly play guitar, this song is pretty fun, but you may want to look elsewhere if you're looking for something more challenging.
06.11.12 10:10pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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