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Released November 24, 2009 for Rock Band
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Live Anthology (2009)

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Remember When I Tried To Describe Charts In The Title? Karmeleaux
Mm, a really high four-star. Just short of the coveted five-star. One more rhythm and it would have been there. As it is, it's pretty dang fun, but it's not the universal.

The intro/chorus rhythm is pretty fun, with it focused on the standard short fill into sustains. It gets bonus points for having a short scale in there, and in fact changes after the first chorus to include part of the verse rhythm, which is an unusual and interesting decision.

The verse moves around the fretboard at a decent speed, containing a short scale up the fretboard and a slide down it. It's a pretty fun rhythm, and although it's the basis for the rhythm during the guitar solos, it variates on strum pattern and a few short fills to stay interesting during those.

The problem, as before in Mary Jane's Last Dance, is that there's largely two rhythms for five and a half minutes, and Mary Jane's Last Dance rhythms are more varied throughout the song. This song combats this with having a short bridge of four different short fills into sustains, which is something different, at least.

As I said, the verse rhythm is also the rhythm during the solos. And it includes variations that are fun. But I'd be remissed if I didn't mention the bass variation at the very end (before the BRE), which is so much fun and such a variation it actually took me a bit to figure it out it was still based on the same rhythm.

Pretty fun song overall, especially the last part. But like Mary Jane's Last Dance, it's too reliant on the same old rhythms for too long a time to be universally appealing, sadly for it.

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