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Released July 13, 2010 for Rock Band
The Vines 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Winning Days (2004)

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Pretty diverse, fun rhythm, bit difficult solo Madotsuki
The main riff of this song is pretty simple, yet incredibly catchy. It mostly consists of chords that shortly jump across the frets then repeat a bunch of times.
The verses of this song is this chord riff played a bunch of times until the chorus where you doing some quick pre-chord alt-strumming.
The section before the solo has you playing a few chords and then some single notes and HO/POs in between until moving to another chord and doing some different single notes and HO/POs, and this repeats a few times.
The solo is a bit more difficult then the rest of the song, theres some quick pull-offs mixed with chords and a bunch of other little things that involve HO/POs until ending on a big row of orange notes.
Overall, this song is really great and pretty diverse apart from the main riff in the verses, but besides that, theres alot of movement and this guitar chart is just pretty damn great.
I'm giving this a 5/5 because its fun, diverse, has a great rhythm, and an interesting solo to top things off.
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Quite a Ride Karmeleaux
This is a toughie to place. It's got a whopping four(!) rhythms which are all fun, but at the same time there's nothing that makes you go 'now we're cooking with petrol.' I'll err to a high four-star, but it might push into five-star territory.

The song starts with red sustains during the build-up which doesn't set one's expectations high, but it's very quickly replaced by the verse rhythm so I didn't even count that part in my total. The verse itself involves a slow scale up the fretboard twice, as well as a few other fun moments and a repeated hammer-on.

The chorus is interesting, as there's multiple quick hammer-ons representing slides in there. In addition, there's a fair amount of movement.

The bridge is a different kind of slow scale from the verse but equally fun, and surprisingly, the guitar solo holds a different rhythm for bass. It's probably the simplest in that it's just a repeated slow scale from blue to green, but it's still fun.

It all comes together well and has a few flourishes, but while it's undeniably fun, I don't think it's undeniably outstanding. I recommend looking at it, though.

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