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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Metallica 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Ride the Lightning (1984)

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Nascargo19 - "You guys are probably better then I am at knowing how to fig..." -- Read more
Among the best DLC has to offer zyyzyyzyy
In my opinion, this song is one of the best DLC drum tracks available. It's SO much fun to play, and there was never a moment where I started to lose interest in the song. It amazes me how nobody talks about this song on drums, though it's probably because of the guitar chart taking all the attention away.

The intro, main riff, and choruses are all some basic drum beats that aren't that hard, but also feature some pretty fun fills throughout the song. But then, once the bridge starts, things start getting interesting. After a fun very slow-thrash beat that lasts for like 15 seconds, you get to this pretty lax drum beat that where you're only hitting the snare every 8th note with bass petals varying on each beat. And then, about halfway through the guitar solo, all of a sudden you get an absolute gem, where the slow-thrash beat with kicks on every note shows up again (kind of like Ridin' The Storm Out). This section probably explains why this song is devil-tiered, but it's perfectly manageable. After that, you go back in time to the beginning of the song all over again, though the end does provide some treats with some interesting fills.

This song is so much fun to play on drums, and it's not even the devil-tiered song it says it is. Most average expert drum players should be able to pass this, and it just has so much replay value because of some of the epic patterns thrown at you, like at the guitar solo.

Grade: A+
Rating: 6/5 (Gold stars)
Difficulty: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️

( A warning to all people wanting an FC: right after the epic section during the bridge, the chart throws at you two bass petals moving at 20 NPS that's very difficult to hit and will require a double bass petal. Also, those "interesting fills" in the outro I mentioned in the second paragraph turn into key choke points for those wanting a full combo)
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Fast paced a hardcore. Lots of different sections, fun all around.

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Seems like it would be really fun if I were better at guitar.

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