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Released August 21, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Rio (1982)

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Nice 80s classic AeonFrodo
Rio has an incredibly fun bass chart that would keep any bass player on their toes. Even though it can be quite repeatative the pattern isn't boring. It's a little bit disappointing that a bass solo wasn't charted into this but there are enough points as there is on offer. The song is also quite lengthy for a Duran Duran song, so if you're looking for points on bass and drums this song is highly recommended.

A little off topic, but if you're a guitarist, prepared to get annoyed by this chart. It's stupidly easy even on Expert mode, but during the sax/bass/drum solo it could easily break your multiplier.

It is also quite enjoyable to sing, but to enjoy the song fully, it's recommended to memorize the lyrics. Be prepared to hit some high pitch octaves during the chorus and bridge.

Overall, the song is pretty fun on almost every instrument except lead guitar. Recommended for bass and drums players who enjoy a slightly fast paced rhythm to play.
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