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Released January 4, 2011 for Rock Band
Rock Band Free Pack 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: A City Dressed in Dynamite (2008)

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Five Stars and Seven Beers Ago Karmeleaux
Ha ha, this has a pretty wide slew of ratings. What that usually means is the song has some parts that are distinctly a different league of fun of the others, and some people get focused on one side while the others get focused on the other.

Well, the first verse is a repeated scale up and down the fretboard, with a small on-cue part on the fourth repetition.

The pre-chorus moves around the fretboard slowly, focused on strumming the same fret in somewhat unusual patterns before moving on, but it's routinely also got some HO/POs in there including some short chains. As it leads into the chorus, it has a double-strum part.

The chorus is probably the weakest part of the song in that it's the most predictable - it's a repeated scale from blue to green. After a number of repetitions it has an alternate pattern as it moves up to repeating orange to red, then same deal back. When the chorus ends, there's a double-strum part. It's not bad, but it's kinda repetitive and the most average part of the song.

The next verse(???) is sustains with a few short HO/PO parts, then a bunch of silence. Luckily, we come to another pre-chorus, with new and interesting variations.

The verse(??????) after that is focused on a different sustain and HO/PO chain pattern, before going to strumming green in a weird pattern, before a fill into more sustains.

Then we get to the double-strum into a HO/PO chain before the outro, where we slowly move around the fretboard in a fun pattern. There's two fills in here, but both of them are strumming green in different patterns.

So. This guy is a bit of a toughie to place. Some of the silence, some of the strum pattern change-focused rhythms, and the chorus take away from it a bit, no doubt. But even at its worst, what you're playing is still fun, and some of the stuff in here is so fun. If you're a bassist, you'll definitely have more fun in this song than you won't. And I mean, it's free.

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