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Released December 3, 2009 for Rock Band
Night Ranger 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Night Ranger Rock Band Re-Record (1983)

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My favorite Night Ranger song nascarfan19
This song offers many things on the drums. In some areas, it's challenging. Throughout the song, the patterns differ and the whole song is fun to play!

Not only this, but I find guitar also fun to play, espically trying to pass those killer guitar solos!

The song is very fun overall. I recommend this buy!
06.03.10 4:02am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Whoa. The first five times or so I tried playing through this song, I failed out at the second solo. This is definitely at the upper end of the difficulty curve for tier 5, and in fact looks more like a top-tier song to me - it certainly is more difficult than Don't Tell Me You Love Me.

The main problem with this (otherwise awesome) chart is that you barely have time to recuperate between the two tough solos, meaning that if you squeeze past the first with OD, the second will get you kicked off stage in a matter of seconds. Don't get this one unless you can stand the heat, because I had an easier time passing a lot of recent tier-6 songs than I had with this.
01.06.10 8:46pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Awesome FlamingClaw
Absolutely love this on Bass, the rerecording is pretty good too :)
02.18.10 11:57pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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