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Released January 7, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: Road to Ruin (Expanded Edition) (1978)

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Anthem for old school punk-rockers Drumony
This track propelled The Ramones' punk-rock music to be included in the motion picture Rock 'n' Roll High School featuring the band themselves. To break down the bass parts of this tune is like splittin' hairs to which Ramones track seems more fun to play over the others. There's not much you can say 'bout the chart in that this is your typical raw punk music done Dee Dee Ramone style. You could get away slappin' the bass by upstrumming notes thrown at ya which include a lot of single rows of one fret then switched to another fret and another and so on. The fame of the band and this cult-classic anthem at the turn of the early '80s became well known that The Ramones were about to explode out of your high school. Although pretty standard and simple on bass it may not standout as much for your typical RB fan. Recommended only to those who are Ramones or old school punk fans.
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Tricky chordfest, fast strumming, pretty fun Madotsuki
This song is mostly alot of really fast strumming with some fast sliding from Green to Red at some points using HO/POs, but besides that there isn't very many tricks.
Its very active, and the strumming is pretty fast and may require alt-strumming if you're going to try and go for a FC, unless you can down-strum fast enough (which I can't).
Theres alot of holding down one color and using another finger to repeatedly hit another color while still holding down the other color, at a rhythm that is a bit tricky at first, but you get the feel of it after awhile.
Overall, its very active and entertaining, its a bit difficult since its so fast and the rhythms can be a bit tricky at times, however, its very fun and an enjoyable guitar song.
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Challenging...maybe too challenging nascarfan19
This song has no variety at all. The song plays notes at the same pace for the entire song and repeats the same pattern most of the time (as have most of the Ramones songs).

The song is also too challenging, considering the pace and the pain that I experience in my right arm when I'm finished.

Buy at your own risk!
05.31.10 10:29am 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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