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Released April 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Harmonix 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Bang Camaro (2007)

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Takes Its Time to Pick Up the Pace Gigakoops
Most of the song is very slow paced, then about three-fourths in it has a nice solo.

We start with some green notes and higher sustains at a relatively slow speed. The verses are the same, but without sustains, more chords and some dead space. The chorus has ascending chords coming rather slowly, building up to the main riff again. Second verse has even less notes than the first.

There is a bridge of sustains that lasts a few measures before going into the chorus again, then suddenly there's a fast strumming part with chord progressions and root-note alt-strumming. This segment is a bit of fun. Then we get to the solo, which starts with a lot of sustains, then goes into the HOPO sweeps eloquently and offers a bit of fun. The rest of the song is the chorus and the main riff again.

The fun doesn't truly begin until more than half way through, and even then it doesn't last that long compared to the rest of the song.
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Bass Review.. Good song! vice_swe
The chart basically:
The song starts off with the guitar riff where you play a pretty simple but fun bass line where it's basically just frets going down in some kind of zigzag pattern(I suck at RB therms). Then there is some kind of a bridge or if it's the the chorus i donno, where you slowly triple strum and hold notes. Those two patterns are then played again. Then before the fast part there is a simple slow part where you just play long notes with slides. Then the fast strumming section where you play lines of alt-strumming notes and some hammer-ons. This is the part of the song which I enjoyd the most. The alt-strumming lines are fast but not anywhere close to the strum limit so you should be able to hit these no matter what cheap-ass guitar you're using. After the fast strumming you play some tripets and then some bass chords, very simple stuff. Then at the Gtr solo you start of will some basic strumming followed by yet another cool alt strumming section the pattern goes like

| | |--------||| ||| ||| ||| ||

and then it repeats ofc.
You should have no problems hitting these either. Then play the chorus again and then finally the Gtr riff.

the chart can be viewed as a video here

My thoughts: I have enjoyed all of the Bang Camero songs so far. This one was great also. A chart with enough variation to make you want to play it again. It's not that hard but a definate purchase.

My advice: Buy this and "Sprode" out of the pack, you might wanna skip "shake".
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