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Released October 11, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: Combat Rock (1982)

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Here's the fun! Bront
Unlike the guitar chart, the Bass chart has a lot of fun stuff going on constantly. There's a lot of movement, a pretty big variety of patterns, and even some trills. For a bass chart, there's a lot going on, and it's not a walk in the park.

This is a consummate party song, as it's something most folks have heard, even across generations, and should be a hit for most crowds. Beyond that, it's a stellar bass chart (It would probably still be a 4 star chart if it were on guitar). Bassists should make sure this is in their library.
10.13.11 4:25am 2 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
What little you play isn't too bad, but... Bront
Yeah, there's just not a lot of guitar in this song, so you get long breaks in between parts. There is a bit of variety when you're playing though, and it's pretty quick and up tempo when you do. There's some chord sections, some single strum movements, and a few HOPO sections. Mostly you'll be playing during the chorus, with a few other parts here or there.

So, why 2 dots? Well, it's fast, there are some quick fret changes that aren't easy, and it only takes a few note misses to drop you down to below a 5 star performance. Even a new expert player will have trouble failing out of this song, but scoring well? That is a bit of a challenge.

The song itself is pretty popular, so it's a great party song. Also, because you mostly play durring the chorus, it's not a bad voxtar song.

This song is a classic, should be a blast, and is a good addition to any library, but don't expect much from the guitar chart.
10.13.11 4:20am 1 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
That Crazy Casbah Jive Madotsuki
This song's verses are the main parts of the song (they're really long), and unlike most verses on drums they are surprisingly, very engaging.
The verses are over the hi-hat with plenty of quick rides and kicks that go along with the song, with a quick kick at the end of the measure every once in awhile that definitely makes the verses keep your attention.
The highlight of the drum part is the bongo solo during one of the verses. You will be playing multitudes of toms rolls, lots of quick little tom fills, all as a consistent kick is played underneath, pulling you along.
Overall, this song will definitely keep your attention and the fun, enjoyable rhythm, as well as the bongo solo, will keep you entertained and will keep you coming back to this song.
If you like the Clash, this is one of their most enjoyable drums songs, and I would recommend it if you like them.
If you mainly play drums, this is a fun song to play every once in awhile and have in your library.
05.04.12 3:25am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Great song, but this is super-boring on guitar. On the flip side, that makes it kind of hard, as I kept finding myself drifting off with the song and forgetting that the tiny bits of guitar were coming up.

Lots and lots of space with some slight noodling during the verses and precious little riffage during the chorus.

And why is this 2-star hard and not 0-star hard? I've played much harder 0-star songs and WAY harder 2-star songs (I'm looking at you T.Rex's Jeepster!)
10.11.11 4:56pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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