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Released September 15, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Tenacious D (2001)

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Chorus is Decent, Verse is Worse Karmeleaux
The verse is four greens, four reds, four blues, then red yellow red yellow. This repeats a lot, then you get to the bridge(?) where you play nothing.

However, the choru provides some fresh rhythms and movements, along with some lone HO/POs, and it's a fairly enjoyable bass part. It's also the only thing that keeps me from giving this a one-star.

The thing that really wants to give this a one-star is the next section. You're back to the verse rhythm, and you easily play for twice as long. I got tired of this halfway through the first verse, and you expect me to keep going with this? No.

But if you endure, you get to hear the line 'Cleveland Steamer' which is something. Oh, also, another chorus rhythm, with differing places for the changes in rhythm. It's again fairly fun, but it just BARELY pulls the song out of 'oh god this is an absolutely abysmal experience on bass' for me.

What I'm saying is that if you can endure the verses, the choruses are decent fun. But that is one big if. In fact, let try to communicate the size of it properly:


Hm...Not big enough, but you get the idea.

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Pretty good! Nicolas-1223
Tenacious D usually is fun to play on vocals. This one is no exception. While it's mostly talkies except for the first verse and the choruses, it's still a fun, not-too-hard chart.
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Great chart. Nicolas-1223
This is by far my favorite chart in this song. The beat is pounding toms with some insane rolls added on to it. It's really fast and upbeat, and definitely worth the money.
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