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Released October 1, 2009 for Rock Band
Alice In Chains 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Dirt (1992)

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Alluminated Guy
This song has short snare rolls of 4 notes, in constant repetion with a beat. This particular beat is repeated for more than half the song. As it does sound cool and go well with the psychedelic music, the drummer must have had to contain his skill to match the music. Up until later of the song, the drummer does get more freedom, however, it is only a simple rock beat with some extra bass notes.

Recomened only if you enjoy the song.

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10.01.09 2:00am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Mostly chords, fairly simple, but has an entertaining rhythm Madotsuki
Theres alot of slow strumming with 2-note chords and the 3-note chords throughout the song and multiple sections with mostly single-notes and a bit of HO/POs. Theres one point where you're playing a chord to a HO/PO to a quick single-note that may be a bit surprising if you think the single-note is another HO/PO, but besides that, thats it.
Overall, this song is really easy, some of the chord switching seems a bit awkward at first, but eventually it becomes simple, the rhythm is really enjoyable and almost psychedelic, and the little single-note guitar sections are a pretty entertaining, but the song doesn't really have a whole lot of tricks or anything more interesting to deserve higher than a 4/5.
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