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Released May 10, 2011 for Rock Band
Foo Fighters 04
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Wasting Light (2011)

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MC-1119 - "Hey! A Foo Fighters song that has a pretty fun guitar solo! ..." -- Read more
Big Hit isn't too bad on Bass AeonFrodo
This song actually isn't too bad on Bass. I found it unexpectedly enjoyable.

The verses combine hammer-ons and alt strumming, which keeps the player on their toes when playing the song. And the chorus is very simple with only some gallops towards the end of it so novice players can still play reasonably well in the song.

However, the guitar solo is where most of the fun is for bassists. There are some pull-offs and again gallops to keep players alert. But the flashing lights around the end of the guitar solo can really distract players so they end up missing easy notes(Especially on the Wii version).

All in all, the song is pretty good to play. And it can requite a few tries to get used to the chart. The bass riffs are repetitive, but it's not boring to play them. 4/5
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