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Released March 12, 2013 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Toto IV (1982)

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It'll Meet You Somewhere Karmeleaux
I guess this is a middling three-star, with some two-star stuff in there and a four-star ending.

The verses are very focused on the red note, including a sustain. After a few repetitions there's a short HO/PO chain, and as time goes on the rhythm gains a bit more, but the damage has been done by earlier iterations.

The pre-chorus is decent. It's straight eighths for a bit, then switching to playing on cue with the rest of the band. It's not bad, but it's fairly unremarkable.

The chorus is fun enough, mostly due to having a fun short HO/PO chain.

The instrumental break, or more accurately the section with the keyboard and guitar solos, is less fun. It's not awful and has a few short HO/PO chains in there, but it's clear bass isn't the focus here.

Finally, the outro. It's a modified version of the verse rhythm, in that you play three red notes, but instead of a sustain, you do a simple fill each time you get there, with some having one or two short HO/PO chains. It's pretty fun, but well getting here is the problem.

It's six minutes, and the outro is one-minute. The rest of it has some enjoyable stuff, but not enough to draw in people who don't enjoy the song on some other level, I feel.

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