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Released December 15, 2016 for Rock Band
Off the Charts 05
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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Pure Heroine (2013)

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Guitarists: This kind of wub's just ain't for us The Walrus
If you are exclusively a guitarist, you should know:

There are 116 notes in this song.

This song is ranked as easier than Grenade and We Will Rock You.

The first verse and chorus go by without you playing a note.

You are playing the "wubs" that are straight quarter notes.

That really should tell you everything you need to know.

Get it for that one guy at parties that only plays guitar but is always saying "But I can't do expert! It's too hard!" But don't get it if you want anything more.
12.16.16 6:09pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
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