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Released March 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Texas Flood
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Genre: Blues
Album: Texas Flood (1983)

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Hand-Cramping and Repetitive Karmeleaux
I'll start by saying it's a pretty cool rhythm. It's got HO/POs and moves around the fretboard a fair deal within a short time.

But it's the ONLY rhythm in the song. It moves up to the red fret sometimes, and the yellow fret rarely, but it's all built around the exact same movement. The only time it really ever notably varies is during a short section where you play almost nothing, then you go right back in.

There ARE slight variations in the rhythm throughout which keeps it from being one star, although honestly that might just be the bassist being incapable of playing the same rhythm this long as well.

If you have the patience of Job, it might be enjoyable with the movement and HO/POs. But I don't think I'm ever going to touch this guy again by choice, even I get another 140 years of life out of it.

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The main reason I rate this song so high on guitar is simply because it's so difficult. If you're a guitar controller user who feels like there just isn't enough tracks to choose from that offer you a significant challenge throughout most of/all the song, then this one might just be a MUST for you.

It's hard to say exactly what this song consists of. It feels like there is very little repetition, and there are waves and waves of complex note sequences coming at you non-stop. The difficulty alone makes this one chart you can replay over and over.

Might be worth it to mention, this isn't something you'll want if you're just getting into expert guitar. This chart is something that only the players of high skill will come to really enjoy
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