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Released October 30, 2012 for Rock Band
Sublime 01
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Genre: Reggae/Ska
Album: Sublime (1996)

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Offbeat Funkyness of the Highest Degree! Poinkish
Gotta say, this is probably one of my favourite basslines as of late. It's one of those offbeat charts that throws a whole load of bunched together hammer-on snakes that usually come off a bit awkward in most songs, but here it actually feels great fun to play, and really compliments the song well.

The rate at which you'll have to quickly move up and down the fretboard is brisk, but not fast enough to cause too much frustration throughout the songs 3 minute running time. It's a blast to play, and a pretty bouncy chart for such a laid back song.

Totally recommend this one too.
10.30.12 2:53pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
I don't practice Santeria....but this is fun on Guitar! Poinkish
This one was probably the biggest surprise of the bunch for me on Guitar this week. Didn't think it would be that interesting, but for a Reggae-esqie song, you have a fair bit of variety, and even some challenge here. A lot of the song consists of your generic spaced-out chord playing that a lot of Reggae song consist of, but there's some really fun hammer-on snaking and chord switches going on in here, even throwing in some tricky hammer-on chord switches, and a solo that's surprisingly trick for a Tier 3 Guitar chart. Throwing some very rapid hammer-on patterns up and down the Guitar neck.

It's great fun overall. And for Guitarists I'd go as far as to just recommend all the songs this week.
10.30.12 2:49pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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