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Released July 3, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: Endgame (2011)

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Bouncy Fun! Poinkish
This is an example of a good alt-strummed bassline. It all basically kicks off with a long string of alt-strummed orange notes before switching up into fast descending alt-strummed bursts of Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange notes that travel up and down the fretboard for the remainder of the song. The timing actually switches up a fair bit, and it does a good job at keeping you on your toes.

The only deviation from this pattern is a quiet part halfway through which just has you strumming some slower notes from left to right.

Overall it's a strong, engaging bassline, and a good addition to a bassist's collection, much like all the other "Rise Against" songs.
07.04.12 9:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Weakest Guitar song of the week, but not bad. Poinkish
I've always found Rise Against's songs vary from solid, to really good. But Satellite is probably the weakest of all of their songs in RB3 so far.

It starts of with a rather strange pattern that has you rapidly alt-strumming between green notes, and green/yellow chords rapidly. This is probably the trickiest part of the song in my opinion, and may take some less experience players multiple attempts to get down.

After that it's a pretty generic alt-strummy chordy Guitar hook that may Rise Against songs share, but unlike the others, this doesn't share the same amount of variety and pattern changes as the other songs.

There's a few sustain notes in between to wind-down a bit between the chordy parts but it's not particularly engaging.

The traditional intermission in almost every Rise Against song is still there though. Giving the whole band a chance to relax a little, the Guitar hook slowing down considerably here, throwing some slowly strummed chords down at you.

After a few more sustains it's back to the alt-strumming but the pattern changes quite considerably, and it throws a nice curve ball at the end for those who predicted the same pattern again!

Overall not a bad Guitar chart!
07.04.12 9:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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