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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: My Generation (Deluxe Edition) (1965)

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A bit sloppy Oscarvarium
I think whoever charted this forgot they were allowed to use HOPO chords. The main riff, the solo and the outro all have several very quick pairs of chords that are clearly played by sliding or bending and not by strumming twice.

I get a feeling that some of the timings are a little off as well. Some of the strumming patterns don't flow in a very natural way, but that could be down to Townshend's odd playing style.

Could be a moderately fun chart otherwise, the solo in particular is quite fun when played on the high frets so you don't need to strum. The annoying fast strums you need to do to hit those chords do somewhat ruin the song for me though.

Also, comically short BRE, ~1350 points.
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Another Fun Who Bass, But Lacking In Variety Karmeleaux
A fair number of the Who basses tend to toe the line between amazing and repetitive basses. This guy ends up stumbling over, though.

Overall, this song feels a lot like Summertime Blues (Live) and My Generation (Live). In this case, the verse rhythm plays after every line, and it's actually a fun little scale that changes slightly over time. The chorus is even bouncier, with a good number of hammer-ons in there.

It sounds this might be a five-star so far, and it kinda is, so far. But the problem, as usual, is those are the only two rhythms. The guitar solo even uses the verse rhythm with no more variation than usual.

As such, I can see this getting kinda old by the end to many players, like it did to me. But the two rhythms it has are pretty strong, so the quality of the rhythms might make up for the lack of quantity for some players.

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