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Released July 23, 2009 for Rock Band
Rise Against 01
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Genre: Punk
Album: Appeal to Reason (2008)

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Savior (Guitar Hero)
Savior (Rocksmith)
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Savior - Vocals Review Xtreme Nights
To me, Savior is possibly one of THE best Rise Against songs, and we have it. That is in my opinion at least. This song has a great beat and is also fun to sing. Not only do the vocals give the vocalist a challenge, but is also fun. The only bad thing I can say about this song is that there is really no breathing space for it. So all in all, a solid 5 Gold Stars for this song, it is a must have for Vocal Junkies!
03.09.11 7:28pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
I don't hate you... valeforXD
This song seems quite repetitive at first, considering it's a punk song. They all usually have fast, repetitive beats, for some reason.

Savior feels different somehow, though. The kicks don't come too hard or fast, and the drum rolls are challenging but doable, and a huge sense of satisfactions come from nailing them in particular.

It's a great all-rounder song, but drums are probably the standout.
07.22.13 10:00am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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