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Released August 30, 2011 for Rock Band
I'm With The Chili Peppers
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Californication (1999)

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fans will love it; unfamiliars should think about it Marwood87
I bought the album when it came out and have grown to love every song on Californication. I was eager to give this song a try and I was very satisfied after playing it.

Likes: fun verses due to a mix of HO/POs and chords, solos are very satisfying to play and to listen to for those who are fans of the song (and maybe for those who aren't), decent amount of variety

Dislikes: choruses are mostly charted the same (chords and a couple single notes) which can feel a little repetitive

This was a fun one to play on guitar. I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse chart, given it's low tier rating. Every verse was slightly different from the other; chords, single notes and hammer-ons/pull-offs thrown in here and there. I really enjoyed playing along to them. My only complaint was the choruses which only featured easy chords and a few singles notes. Compared to the diversity of the verses, these felt rather redundant.
The player's level of enjoyment, when playing the solos, depends on how well they know the song/solos. Being a fan of the album, I forgave their short lengths and simplicity. I had a great time playing along with these melodic solos and felt very gratified after playing them. Those who are not familiar with the song might find the solos to be boring.
If you loved this album or this song, I highly recommend picking this one up. It's fun to play, fun to listen to, and is a great addition to the RHCP collection. If you aren't familiar with this one, you might want to take a pass. You might find the solos to be dragging and the chart to be lacking a good challenge.

I will be playing this one again many times in the future :)
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