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Released November 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Nirvana Bleach 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Bleach (1989)

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Tricky main riff, chords, crazy solo Madotsuki
Of the 3 guitar charts from Nirvana's 'Bleach', this is probably the most difficult, and its probably the hardest of all of Nirvana's songs.

The main riff that is played often throughout the song is a tricky riff that revolves around holding Green alot and quickly hitting single-notes and HO/POs on higher areas of the fretboard, which makes it hard to keep a streak.

Other sections include mostly chords, 2-note and 3-note, but the main riff is what is played most often in the song, and that alone, is one of the things that make this chart so difficult.

The solo is seemingly random, it jumps all over the place in no particular pattern, plenty of HO/POs, single-notes, chords, time changes, all that. Its difficult, especially if you're trying to get perfect (or near perfect), but not impossible, and its alot of fun.

Overall, this chart is definitely one of the hardest of all of Nirvana's guitar charts, and even so, its pretty entertaining. Recommended if you're looking for a tricky guitar chart and like the song.
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Fallout Phoenix
Honestly I can't see why this song is in tier 3 (0-6 scale), it's easy and repetitive, think of it as Stay Away where the phrases are exactly the same. The line "Won't you believe it? Just my luck" is charted the same everytime and the line "No recess" is the same with the exception of one talkie.

Then we enter the solo and after a small period of doing nothing the lines "You're in high school again", it's in a low pitch so it might catch you off guard. Then the one phrase which is weird. The line "You're in high school again" repeats one more time and it's followed by a high pitched "Oh" then you start reciting "No recess"

Very repetitive but still enjoyable

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