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Released March 29, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Secrets from the Far and Distant Hills (2009)
Author: ocdub1

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Offers Midlevel Rhythm After Midlevel Rhythm Karmeleaux
This song isn't particularly challenging, but it's got the one I go on and on about going for it: Variation.

The verse is a gallop with the eighth being a different color (like C'mon C'mon), but moves around and it throws a short scale at the end of the measure.

The chorus moves around even better, exercises even more scales, and has a unique strum pattern.

These are both fun and never get old in the context of the song, but probably what bumps this up to five stars is the outro. It brings new rhythm after new rhythm up, even if they're not particularly noteworthy: variation on the verse, straight eights, eights between two notes, straight forths; the important thing is that it keeps changing so consistently these fairly unnotable rhythms are enjoyable because they don't stick around that long.

It's got a lot of diversity in it, and quite simply is a good grab for a buck.

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