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Released July 27, 2010 for Rock Band
Avenged Sevenfold 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: City of Evil (2005)

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Literally a Mixed Bag Gigakoops
There are fun parts. There are dull parts. There are easy parts. There are freaking hard parts. Lemme explain.

Most of this song is a series of chord progressions that offer very little fun factor, since they seem to rely on sustains more than strums. Each verse does have a secondary riff, such as the almost constant eighth notes on the second verse.

The first solo offers a bit of variety, but is also rather easy. It doesn't get more hard than a small trill somewhere in the middle and again at the end. Then we have the second solo, which starts off simple enough, until you realize "Wait, I'm hitting all these notes, and the total percentage is going up very slow." Then it hits you like a train to the face.

The trills. Those goddamned, super-fast trills. It's most obvious you're supposed to use both hands on the frets here. And since I can't safely do that on my GH2 guitar, these segments suck to play.

The third solo starts pretty decently, with a fun HOPO pattern, before getting back to those trills to close out the song.

For the most part, this song is rather dull to play. If it weren't for the trills I wouldn't see this being past three dots in difficulty.

I wouldn't recommend it for guitarists. Just get pretty much any other Avenged Sevenfold song.
06.14.13 4:57am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Hard and Repetive is only fun for pros Dead Player
Who would have though that a radio friendly balad is this freaking hard? But challenge isn't always fun... or is it?

So the song starts off with a aucostic riff, but soon goes over to a electric guitar riff... with the same notes. This goes on for about 2-3 minutes before you get to play a nice little guitar solo (not very hard, but still better than what's comming).

Now, about a minute after the first solo, you get to play another solo, but this one is just... annoyingly hard. To describe it easy: This is what you get when you put the solo in "Surfing With The Alien" on massive stereoids, and also make it go up the scale instead of down. But where SWTA was fun and had variation, this solo is just the same over the top ting going for a long enough time to fail out most people who haven't beat Satch Boogie. Also, there is 2 of these parts in the ending solo, so be sure to have alot of Overdrive ready. The sad part is that even if it is very repetive and mediocre, I will play it many times because of it's level of challenge, so if you are like me and want's alot of challenge, this might be worth the price afterall.

All in all, this is a song that is only interesting for it's difficulty. It have a repetive rythm most of the song, and the parts that aren't are just so bat s*** crazy that it ruins the whole mood of the song. But at the same time, the big challenge make it interesting in it's own way. Buy if you want a big challenge or if you get the whole pack. A strong 3. average.

Pros: Very challenging, nice solo in the middle of the song

Cons: Very challenging, pretty repetive
07.30.10 7:56am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
A easy Avenged Sevenfold song!? Dead Player
Now this was really odd. All the other songs by this band is pretty hard on drums, but now we have a easy song... something's wrong...

Well, there isn't much to say about this song. It is a very straight forward rythm with a few double bass parts during some fills. The only surprising part is the one towards the end, where you suddenly play a pretty fun and unique snare roll/rythm.

All in all a good song for it's tier of difficulty. But get the whole pack and not only this song. A weak 4. strong... wait, what?

Pros: Snare roll towards the end, fun enough for it's difficulty

Cons: Pretty Repetive
07.29.10 8:03am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Why, HMX, why? sideslick
The song is, as Dead Player put in, fairly easy and repetitive for the most part.

What was not said was why the sheer stupid-difficult tapping toward the end of the song is stupidly-difficult.

You (yes, you too, Mr. Danny Phenom) are pretty much required to right-hand tap during the "solo" at the end of the song.

The problem with that: Speed

The tapping is purely an insane amount of repitition over a short time.

It seems as if the tapping is approximately 4-5 taps-per-second (8-10 notes-per-second). That is a serious strain, and damn near un-survivable to many more advanced players that I know. I'm talking friends who have FC-ed TTFAF in GHIII, SWTA in RB3, DYFLWD in GH5, and so on.

The totally unacceptable part: all of this insanity is during the bridge, and then the closing chorus, where there are many, many, many different things to play that are much more realistic for the player, and that aren't just background stuff.

The tap-solos aren't even lead guitar!

This is just ridiculous, Harmonix.
09.08.12 5:44am 3 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
officer reptar
Just like 'bat country' you can fc up to the part that always messes you up. Fun song up to that part, but those two parts in the song are worth saving star power. But still get the song because the f**king 'Rev' is the drummer
07.27.10 4:49pm 0 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
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