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Released March 15, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Re-Record 2009 (2009)
Author: WaveGroup

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Some People Might Want Something Else, Though Karmeleaux
This is one of those songs that shares a verse and chorus rhythm, but does a lot with it.

And I do mean quite a bit. There's routine switch-ups on the strum pattern, thrown in HO/PO chains - some even decent (four plus!) in length, or something where you're just clearly playing something that feels much different than what one just played. It's pretty fun.

EDIT: Oop, I forgot to mention at first, some of the variations involve bass chords. I've failed my duty.

Normally these kind of songs end up in three stars due to the core lack of variety, but luckily this song has another notable rhythm in there during the bridge. It's similarly got strum pattern changes and short HO/PO chains in it, so better yet it's a strong other rhythm.

A pretty good time, worth a look by fans of bass. I'll note that I didn't really notice awful mixing while I was playing through on my TV, but double-checking videos on YouTube based on memories hurt my ears. So probably try the demo on your TV if you want it to make sure you can tolerate the mix.

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