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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Public Display of Infection (2007)

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You'll-ll-ll, Play This Note Until You Die-ie-ieee Karmeleaux
Do you like slowly double-strumming? Have you wanted to do it for three minutes? Were you, perhaps afraid to choose a song with too much movement, and you really just mostly want to double-strum yellow? Well, if so, here's your song.

If not, that's not an entirely fair summary of the song. There's some changes in strum pattern (probably where the bass herself got tired), there's some transition notes between switches, the pre-chorus is mostly sustains on blue, and there's even a slow scale into the chorus.

But the fact of the matter is none of that really matters, because this song is mostly double-strumming mostly on yellow. I mean, it moves to double-strumming red and green sometimes and there's even a double-strumming orange in the pre-chorus, and the last chorus is all sustains, but double-strumming on yellow is the bread and butter of this song otherwise.

So yeah.

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