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Released July 5, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Diary (1994)
Author: RockGamer

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Now This Is the Kind of Seven I Can Get Behind Karmeleaux
Mm, this song is kinda structured weird, so forgive me if any of my terminology deviates from the practice sections.

The intro is first focused eighth notes on a single fret with a number of gallops thrown in there. Shortly after that, it transforms into fun but tough double strum rhythm that scales the frets up and down pretty quickly in different patterns.

Then we meet the beginning of the verse rhythm, or I like to call it, one of the two caveats of this chart. Three measures of silence (it's fast enough to where this isn't that bad, but it's still kinda noticeable), then one measure of playing the root notes of guitar - which moves around a bit, but this is still just decent. The second part of the verse, however, is a blast with multiple scales and single note HO/POs as repeated parts. It's mostly eighth notes, but the movement is varied and frequent within the rhythm.

There's a weird post-verse rhythm, I guess, which is mostly strum pattern-focused. After the first two measures, it follows the guitar part, which translates to a slow scale in feel. If it leads into the chorus, it grows another part where it follows the guitar (including a single hammer-on) and then double strums green before going into the chorus.

The chorus is straight eighth notes, but has slow scales around the fretboard as a built-in part of its rhythm. It's a comfortable speed and the scales are a blast, but my second caveat comes to a head here - there's no real spontaneity in the song. The scales in both the verse and chorus, while very fun, are an actual part of the rhythm, and the same every time they come up.

Still, it's a really fun bass part overall, with multiple rhythms that are a joy to play. There's some blank space, some simple stuff, and no real improvisation, so if you avoid any instance of the first two or demand the last this isn't the song for you. But otherwise, I'd say it's just universal enough to appeal to about everyone.

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