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Released November 27, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Marcy Playground (1997)

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Like an after dinner mint. Nice to nibble on. Poinkish
You know what, I quite enjoyed this laid back bassline, in comparison to "Call Me Maybe's" barren wasteland of a bass chart. Basically you get to play short bursts of long sustains and single notes that gradually move up and down the fretboard which complement the soothing, slow pacing of the song itself. There's also a fun little series of gentle hammer-on snakes that run back and forth across the fretboard during the chorus.

So yeah, a nice bass song to unwind with after playing some of those higher tier basslines. Not bad.
11.27.12 10:53am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Pretty run of the mill candy, but has a pleasent aftertaste. Poinkish
This Guitar chart isn't going to blow anyone away, but it's a nice relaxing chord-fest with a nice bit of variety going on for such a simple song.

It's a nice blend of steadily strummed chords briskly moving up and down the fretboard with an enjoyable mix of strummed, and hammered-on single notes that stir things up a bit. There's nothing that stands out in particular like a kick-ass solo, or a Guitar break, but what it is, is a nice little chart to chill out and relax to.

So yeah, nothing particularly special about this one, but it's a nice little song in my opinion. And as far as low tier Guitar charts go, I can think of way worse. Like the song? Then pick it up.
11.27.12 10:46am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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