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Released June 12, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Other
Album: ShadowBang (2003)
Author: RockGamer

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Decibelle - "As do none of the Bang on a Can songs save Believing...." -- Read more
I may have found my single most hated guitar song in the history of Rock Band.

Awkward chords, repetition, sounds absolutely terrible (I seriously considered just not playing the notes so I didn't have to hear the hideous screeching sound of the guitar), and more awkwardness punctuated by awkward pauses, inconsistencies and...

it's just bad.

While it does offer some variance as it goes along, it repeats the same R-Y-B/G-B alternation throughout, and it's awkward, unfun, and sounds terrible.

I might like So Whatcha Want more.


This song is terrible on every instrument, it sounds terrible, it's awkward, it lacks any sense of rhythm or flow, just...seriously, why did Harmonix decide THIS trash heap to be one of the 10 free/

I'd rather have had nothing at all.
12.01.17 6:46am 1 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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