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Released May 28, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: The Zombies (1965)

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Not Bad, But Not All There Karmeleaux
Hm. This is a toughie. It's got two major rhythms, and some very slight variations in parts. But ultimately, it doesn't feel as fun as Tell Her No, so I'll say this is a three-star.

The verse rhythm has a very rich sound to it, but unfortunately I feel it ends up repeating too much and overstaying its welcome. The general idea (G~~ G Y O B~~) is fun, but not sustainable enough for the number of times you play it.

The chorus rhythm is largely a run where you play two notes of a fret before moving somewhere. This is decent fun and doesn't really overstay its welcome.

There IS a pre-chorus(?) rhythm as well, but it's largely sustains with small scale run-ins (ex. R Y B~~). It doesn't really merit mention outside that it does exist, and even then it's very short before going into the chorus.

Each piece is decent enough fun which would normally chance it a four-star, but you end up playing that verse bass part during the organ solo too, and so by the end it becomes apparent the chart just doesn't have enough going on to draw in people unfamiliar with the song.

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