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Released September 4, 2008 for Rock Band
The PAX 2008 Collection
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Shadow Out of Tim (Unreleased Track) (2008)

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Drums have a lot of triple bass beats, it's very Go With The Flow like, and feels like a Queens of the Stone Age song in general. Your foot might tire but there's a lot of varied patterns, fun rolls, and it's just an exciting song in general.

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It's a chord-fest, with some awkward chord changes. It might deserve 3 stars if not for the bullshit 30 second solo of short repeating held notes.

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Now, let me start out by saying that this song, as just a song alone, it pretty damn average. Its got an interesting sound, but all in all, its nothing to right home about.

This song is pretty much just a series of powerchords, or chordgasm, as its now known. Some of the alternations between the powerchords is kind of fun (one riff in particular, and the repetition of that riff at the end of the song). However, most of it is your standard YO to GY to RB riffs, and they really arent that difficult, but its incredibly easy to lose your beat, with how many power chords it really throws at you.

Then after the boring and mundane chordgasm, you get the easiest and most boring (and least helpful) solo of all time. It just a series of held notes, that wont challenge even the noobiest of players. Then, after the solo, you get another long series of chords.

The song ends with the best alternations of chords the song has... and it almost gives an epic feel to the end of what was otherwise, a pretty boring ride.

I honestly thought through the whole song that "this is getting one star on RBDLC". The solo REALLY didnt help matters, but that fun little riff at the end, it got the song the extra star.

This song is never going to be in my regular rotation as far as guitar goes, but I do look forward to playing it again, so I can possible FC and Goldstar this one, and just to play that fun riff at the end of the song. Its nothing amazingly fun that is worth the dollar, but if you already have the song, at least that part of the song redeems the fact that the song was, overall, pretty damn bad.

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