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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Collective Soul Rock Band Re-Record (1994)

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Shine (Rocksmith)
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Awesome Song, Awesome Rerecord, Awesome Chart Dr Sardonicus
Shine is a completely awesome song, and luckily the rerecord manages to keep most of the original's spirits. And after seeing it announced, I knew it would be awesome to play. And guess what. It is.

You begin with playing chords mixed with hammer-ons in between. This will serve as our verse riff, so it's good that it manages to be really fun. After that, we hit the "yeah" section, where you play chords that all anchor to green. While I usually hate charts like this, this chart managed to work for me, as it feels right for the song.

After this, you go to the chorus, which to me is the weak point of the song. Here, you play chords, and you never play the guitar part in the background. It's not horrible, but it's not as good as the rest. After this, you play all of these parts once again, and the intro riff one more time, until you hit the solo.

The solo is easily the highlight of the song. It's filled with great hammer-ons, it's never overly challenging, and it's a short solo, which means it doesn't wear out its welcome. This ranks as one of the best solos since Still of the Night. After the solo, you play the verse, bridge, and chorus again, until switching to a new part, which is made of faster chords, which I also enjoyed.

Overall, this is a must play for any plastic guitarist out there. This is one you'll come back to over and over again. This earns my highest recommendation.
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