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Released September 25, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Empire (2006)

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Shoot the Runner (Guitar Hero 3)
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Alluminated Guy
Shoot the Runner is the pefect example of a song that isn't too easy, or hard.
Also, it can be described as not to boring, nor amazing to play.

Shoot the Runner is THE middle song for drums.
An interesting, challenging intro to get your interests up, then moving to a repetitve boring verse.
Just as you think that the whole song is simply the snare and bass every now and then, you are constantly moving around the drum set, then moving back to the boring part, then the fun part.

It's quite an interesting pick, and it's worth a play.

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Fallout Phoenix
Shoot the Runner is mildly entertaining song on guitar, initially you're not playing much but then the songs two
solos walk in and will surprise you on a sightread seeing as how this song is tiered 0 (or 1 whichever you prefer)

Only negative part is that the solos aren't until the end of the song but both are still entertaining, not worth it if you only play guitar

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