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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Metal
Album: Back From The Dead (2009)

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This just in: Spinal Tap names song ironically mfranko88
Stay away. Just stay away. Repetitive, but not the good kind of repetitive. You stay on the red pad the entire time, and the rhythm never changes away from the swung eight notes. But there is JUST enough variation that you can't go on autopilot. And it goes on forever. This song is very frustrating to play. Don't bother.
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Probably the Best Spinal Tap Bass Karmeleaux
In a humor/parody band, instrumentation rarely ever takes the forefront of attention. I kinda feel like someone said 'Yeah, but can Spinal Tap actually PLAY?' And they recorded this song.

The bass never really changes rhythm, but it does small scales very often and increases in frequency as the song goes on. Sometimes it gets stuck on similar ones, but for the most part it's incredibly varied.

Honestly, I enjoy this bass so much, but it's about six and a half minutes so I'm assuming there's some people out there that might get burned out on some of the repetition. Still, overall a great bass.

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