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Released January 20, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Urban
Album: N/A (2010)
Author: Scratching The Itch

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SHAWTEE!!!! SlayerIsTheStuff
This song's Guitar is the synth. Because this is "rap", it is incredibly repetitive. It's basically a bunch of double-strums that keeps on going and it almost put me to sleep. Boring! Buy it for Vocals or Drums (Man, the songs with boring charts always have good instruments to choose from).
10.24.16 11:42am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
My homiez! SlayerIsTheStuff
This song is so funky fresh, ya dig? It has a sick autotune that reminds me of my homie T-Pain! So fly it makes Beat Fly not fly, ya dig? Dawg this song is da shiznit!

English: This song is a joke made by Scratching the Itch to make fun of generic rap music. Because of this, it has repetitive instruments. But the Vocals stand out because of the autotune. It has many ranges of pitch and , while it is kinda repetitive, it is interesting to see the "Shawty on da flow" lines are charted to pitched vocals.

If you can sit through the song without laughing, a decent buy for Vocals.

Rating: 3
Tier: 1
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