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Released January 4, 2011 for Rock Band
Rock Band Free Pack 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Breaking Wheel (2008)

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I hate this song, but I wouldn't mind playing it again. Edfan
First off, I hate this kind of growling, angry metal. Still, once I got past my bias against this song's sound (by finally finding the remote that adjusts my TV's volume), I found this to be an insanely fun song to play!

First off, the intro is giant, random flurry of HOPOs. Considering how bass is often tiered, this part alone probably stamped the devil heads onto the tier. Then, you get to the verses...

Normally, I absolutely despise alt-strumming (similar to my hatred for this song), but since it's short alt-strums that go onto a single Hammer-on while mixing in regular notes and sustains, I found this to be a really fun, unpredictable pattern.

The chorus is similar, except with more focus on the alt-strumming and removing the sustains. Still, the alt-strumming still has little breaks, so again, no hand-cramping!

Next verse, same as the first! Same as the next chorus, except with another part in it. It's a good thing the frets change very often, so you're not stuck just nailing green for about half a minute.

Next, the bridge is a pretty badass sounding baseline that is a difficult HOPO-alt strum rhythm. You continue this baseline for the following guitar solo. Finally, you finish with a outro that mimics the intro.

Despite my prejudice against this type of music, there's no denying it; the bass is fun. There is no boring section or a quiet part where the bass doesn't play. You are just strait up playing this super fun alt-strumming mixed with HOPOs for the whole song!
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