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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: New Wave
Album: Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

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Leaving me bored to Tears. PuppetMasterIX
Some of you might remember the Tears For Fears track in Rock Band 3: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". While it was solid on Guitar and Vocals, Drums were egregiously repetitive with one single pattern repeating ad nauseum. Knowing this, I wasn't looking forward to "Shout". My expectations weren't unfounded.

The song starts with what is actually a fairly cool yet short intro, consisting of stroke variation on the cymbals that's really fun to play if you're honed in the arts of doublets. Unfortunately, it only lasts about five seconds, and the remainder of the tune doesn't get even remotely as exciting as that.

To the song's credit, the beat that repeats throughout the rest of the song is interesting at first, with interspersion of toms being common at the end of each pattern. But alas, it suffers from what I like to call "Jesus Christ Pose" Syndrome: it's sort of a cool beat at first, but it drags to the point of being mundane and boring due to the painful lack of variation. The difference is that, while the pattern in "Jesus Christ Pose" ended before getting to frustrating levels of monotony, the sheer boredom generated from the take in "Shout" flows on, and on, and on.

It's not until about four minutes in where the song starts adding at least some form of variation, but even then, the fills aren't even all that diverse or prominent, making a very minimal difference in the tedious structure of the song. They mainly consist of short, slow rolls and basic tom-bass syncopation.

As somebody who is usually obsessed with obtaining Full Combos on Drums, "Shout" is a rare case where I feel compelled to avoid the song like the plague after running through it just once. It's tied with "Raise Your Glass" as my least favorite Drums chart in the Blitz setlist, and it's certainly the most boring.
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Love the song, not the chart Dr Sardonicus
Songs From the Big Chair is one of my favorite albums, and Shout is one of my favorite songs. So I was super excited when they announced it for Blitz. But I knew it wouldn't be good on anything but vocals and keys. And guess what? I was right.

First, you don't start playing until a 1 1/2 minutes into the song. When you do start, you just play chords with a pattern that goes 1-2-121. You play this once, followed by a gap, again, gap, move down a fret, gap, move down a fret, gap, start all over. After playing this pattern twice, you move over to a different pattern, where you play more often. Now, the guitar is more audible, and you play chords with lead-up muted single notes. You play this for a bit, until the keyboard solo starts.

After the key solo intro, you start with the same pattern, before moving to something different, with a new pattern filled with hammer-ons and chords. I found this part to actually be a lot of fun. After the solo ends, you go back to the chorus pattern, until you start playing the solo. It goes on for a while, and it's moderately fun. After it ends, you play chord sustains until the song ends.

Overall, this song has a mix of good and bad. While the wait is pretty bad, and the first rhythm isn't all that great, the rest of the chart is pretty fun, so if you wait, you're in for something you'll find fun. This is definitely a song for voxtar, but on its own, the guitar gets a three.
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Come On Now, I'm Talking to You Karmeleaux
Mm, almost a two-star, because there's a REALLY boss bass part in the bridge. Like short HO/PO chains, varied movement up and down, the kind of stuff I love.

But well, the song's six minutes, and the first chorus rhythm is holding sustains for two measures, before switching to another sustain. This isn't a particularly fast song, it's grating about three notes in and it's the first full minute.

The verse rhythm is strumming a single fret with a bit of an unusual strum pattern. It vaguely keeps you awake, but it's not terribly fun or engaging at this speed.

The later chorus rhythm, the one you play for the LARGE majority of the song, is strumming eleven eighth notes of a single fret, sometimes switching to another. This also gets grating due to its lack of variety, though not as quickly as the first, at least.

The bridge/keys solo starts with nothing, then sustains. But then, that rhythm I mentioned at the beginning saves the day, providing the only glimpse of fun you really have in the song. And it's a lot of fun. But that part is twenty seconds.

The next three minutes are the second chorus. No changes or variations outside of which fret it's on, just eleven eighth notes. Again and again. And then again.

It's a below average rhythm to begin with, and this long of a reliance on it ruins the chance that fun rhythm had to save this song with a two-star. And that little twenty second part IS genuinely fun, but if you want it, just go to practice mode, I can't imagine anyone being able to have fun with this chart as a whole.

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Annoyance Nicolas-1223
Don't get me wrong - I love this keyboard part and it's one of my favorite parts of the song. Replicating it though - not so easy.

For the majority of the song (practically all of the song save for the keys solo in the middle) you'll be playing these really awkward, wide chords, and you'll probably need to use both hands (a finger for each note) if you want to hit the chords well. There's slight variation at some points, but it gets really monotonous and annoying after a while. The keys solo does give the chart some saving grace, but after that, it's back to the old grind. I'll give this a 3/5 because while I still love the keyboard part and the keys solo, it's not very fun aside from that.
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