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Released February 26, 2013 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Empire (1990)

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Silent Lucidity (Rocksmith)
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I'm smiling next to you....In Silent Lucidity. Poinkish
Welcome to what is for me, easily one of the best Guitar tracks in the game, "Silent Lucidity" is an incredibely balanced mix of fun, slight challenge, and variety, throwing an almost constant supply of steady hammer-on patterns to hit up and down the fretboard throughout, at a steady pace which doesn't feel frustrating, or out of sync like other songs that use this method of playing. There's even some unexpected chord changes during two different segments that throw a little bit more variety into the mix as well as a slowly paced solo that throws in a few slow hammer-on switches and a bunch of sustains that provide you with a nice break during the fantastic build up towards the end of the song.

Overall, I can't recommend this enough, it's one of the most balanced and genuinely fun Guitar songs I've played in quite a while, and one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums of all time. Get it.
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Just what the heck's a 'lucidity' anyways? Edfan
From my understanding, this song is not usually what Queensryche material sounds like, but it's still epic. I read a comment that described this song as "the closest to Pink Floyd we'll ever get," and I can confirm this. Finally, after a lot procrastination, I finally bought it three months after it was released for Rock Band.

The drums for this song are, obviously, not the main selling point. However, they still stand up pretty well. Absolutely nothing in this song is difficult, save for a single 'lolwtf' roll.

For the most part, slow songs do not cater to drums well, as they have to keep the slow beat. However, the notes you hit are extremely varied. You never play the same pattern for too long, whether it's a basic rock beat with random extra hi-hats, an unusual pattern of several hi-hats followed by a snare or bass, or a much slower version of that beat from Automatic's "Monster".

Still, a slow song is still a slow song, so it's not super exciting or engaging. Plus, there are multiple parts where you play nothing, notably the beginning and ending.

Still, it's definitely a chart you should check out. Plus, from what I've heard vocals and guitar are fantastic as well. Great for those who have all the instruments!

Oh, and apparently 'lucidity' means either the quality of being easily understood or rationality. Thanks dictionary! What would I do without you?
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