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Released September 15, 2009 for Rock Band
Anvil 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Anvil Rock Band Re-Record (2009)

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Not Very Varied But Still a Good Time Gigakoops
I don't even know why I downloaded this. I guess it had something to do with not having many devil-tiered drum songs at the time and I just randomly came across it.

Most of the song you're strumming the green note with chords thrown in. The choruses offer a nice change of pace, as it has other notes to strum. The tiny solo before each verse, which consists of HOPO chains and streaks of chords, is also pretty fun. The main solo is nothing special, though, especially since at the end it has the little mini solo between each verse.

It's a decent song I guess, but I do realize why I haven't played it in over a year (read: strumming the green note loses it's charm after a few minutes).
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