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Released September 4, 2008 for Rock Band
The PAX 2008 Collection
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow (2004)

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As a song on its own, I enjoyed this one A LOT. Its nothing that is going to WOW anyone, but for fans of soft rock, or even adult alternative... or any of that soft/easy listening crap, at least a little, you will enjoy this song, I promise you.

As far as the opening and main riffs go, its pretty straight-forward. Its a strumfest with a little bit of repetitiveness thrown in for good measure, but that doesnt make it any less fun. If you enjoy things like Closer To the Heart or the solo in Reptilia, this is going to be right up your ally.

The best part of the song, in my opinion, is the awesome soft country twang sound that the guitar gets during the chorus. I'm not gonna lie, its pretty damn amazing. It doesnt sound like ANYTHING else we have in the game up to this point. Its almost got that Johnny Cash twang to it, and I love playing it.

Other than the strumfest of a main riff, and the amazing twang to the chorus, the song really doesnt do anything different from there, which is a shame. If there was any kind of solo with a few HOPOs... It'd be a five star song, easy. But as it is, its a little to repetitive, and doesnt have enough going on to warrant the extra star.

Overall, its BY FAR the best song of the week for guitarists. The only problem with that is, though, that it doesnt sound like the Bassists or Drummers will have too much fun with this one, I havent played them for the experience, but from the sound of the song, it doesnt sound like it gives them too much love.

This one is for sure going into my semi-regular rotation, but it will always just be a warmup song. Its a shame it couldnt have a Cliffs of Dover like solo, or anything, that would have made this one a FANTASTIC guitar song. As it stands now, its still REALLY good, and the only song this week actually worth a dollar. Go buy it, now.

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Drums are pretty simple with some eccentric triple-hits on the cymbals in sections. Those sections make the song pretty interesting, worth playing again.

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Simple, laid back song with a lot of single notes going back and forth. Do you like Still Alive or Simple man on guitar? You might like this one.

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