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Released August 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Roadrunner 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: United Abominations (2007)

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Drums... Rimex
This song's pretty tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's really fun! Some people who aren't too good with drums think they need double bass for it or something, but really, you don't. I'm not the best drummer, but I at least 5 starred it on one pedal... oh, and did I mention I'm only using the stock RB2 pedal? Yeah. If you have a better pedal and are a bit better than me or a bit... not as good as me, you'll stand a chance, but really, this song over-all is really fun on drums. If you'd like a little challenge on drums, I recommend it! But like I said, once you get used to it, it's really fun, and it isn't that hard to get into it.
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Holy cow this song is awesome. The pattern might take some getting used to, but it's just really fun and quirky. It plays like a triple-bass beat, only with barely a pause at all. Just check out the chart and you'll know what I mean. It's a very welcome addition to the Rock Band setlist.

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Make no mistake, this song is really really difficult. Some of it is just about getting the rhythm, but you also have to be pretty good with fast HO/PO zip-zags (tons of them in the song) and the solo seems to be an apocalyptic jumble of notes. This is definitely a song for people who want a challenge.

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Fallout Phoenix
Metal songs aren't usually know for their vocal prowess, but Sleepwalker takes the cake

The song doesn't start simple, no your thrown into the hard parts fast, Mustaine does the vocals quick and deep
and still manages to vary the pitch. It breaks your combo constantly. Don't be surprised when you get into trouble
because you cast it aside as another metal song

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Ok, let me start off by saying I do really like this song, and its about time we get some Megadeth on Rock Band. But, I dont know that Sleepwalker was their best choice. Much less a decent 5th or 6th choice. If this had come in a Megadeth pack with 1 or 2 better songs, I would have been a tad more forgiving, but as our FIRST Megadeth song? Its a little weak.

On to the song. The main riff is incredibly difficult. Its a series of quick notes, followed by a fun little set of Hos and Pos. This is repeated. And Repeated. OH, then it moves over to the Red Fret being the dominate fret... and repeats... and repeats.

I think you get my drift, the main riff, while incredibly challenging, and a bit fun, its far too repetitive. Its very similar to Snow, if Snow was actually a HO/PO, and was remotely fun. Then the first solo hits, and you feel like its a little easier than the rest of the song, and thats because it is. It was weird, almost failing a couple times of the challenging (but repetitive) main riff, and then breezing through the solo.

Then you get back into the main riff, it moves around a bit, they throw in some alt strumming. There is a challenging second solo, but its nothing a little overdrive cant help. Its tough, but its nothing compared Constant Motion or Aesthetics of Hate.

Then, you play the song a little longer, it goes on and on, seeming like forever, very similar to ...And Justice For All.

All and All, its a decent song, but nothing even close to the best of Megadeth, and then its a repetitivly challenging song, with little more redeeming qualitys, other than it actually being a Megadeth song in Rock Band. I really wish I could have given this song a better review, I do, but I just cant, given that I didnt have that much fun with it.

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One of the toughest of Megadeth MidnightDreams
One of the most underrated songs ever for vocals. It may say that it's a tier 4 and low rated at best but has the charting to be the 5th hardest vocals song available. But I'm speaking over all instruments when I say, "Most underrated song ever."
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