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Released December 3, 2009 for Rock Band
Nirvana 02
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Nevermind (1991)

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Smells Like Teen Spirit (Guitar Hero)
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Everyone Knows This Song, For Different Reasons. Alluminated Guy
Everybody knows this song, because it has been everywhere in post-90's society. It's a catchy song with a nice melody, however, SMLS's claim to fame comes from it's meaning, not it's vocal melody.
*As previously stated, the melody is sub-par, however reconizable enough to be fun.*

The verse is fairly easy with enough rasp to make an Irish feel insulted. The chorus is a moving flow through following the guitar bit.

All in all, it's a pretty Strong sing.
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Fallout Phoenix
It took about two years but Smells Like Teen Spirit has arrived on Rock Band. It seemed like it would never come and rumors sprung when it wasn't in the first pack and then Harmonix released a special Bleach pack. Well despite the fact that Harmonix said we would never get Nevermind as a full album, through the shady circumstances that Harmonix delivered this technically second Nirvana pack, we get Nevermind.

Oh the review, the song is easy. Of course I've been listening to it ever since my ears discovered it. It does have awkward ranges and I suppose to someone who has never heard this song, which I don't think people like that exist, it could be tier 4, but that's still being generous. If you have heard this song a billion times then disregard the tier 4 Harmonix has given as you will breeze past it like it was all talkies.

The only phrase I can say is hard to hit is the "Hey Yay" line right after the chorus and it would be easier to hit if you didn't have Overdrive (Which you can't use prior) so you can prepare for it.

Overall, the vocal difficulty will be divided, between the people who have never heard of this song and the people who have heard it a billion times.

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Fallout Phoenix
Smells Like Teen Spirit's bass is well strummy. Honestly seeing how the guitar focuses on alt strumming no secret the bass relies on it as well. As soon as the song starts you know what you're getting into.

You alt strum notes and it usually ends in sustains. Not boring but it's essentially the whole song. You get nice HO/PO chains with a blue note leading to an orange to red hammer on/pull off and then a yellow leading to a red to green pull off.

Sadly that's the entire formula, it is fun and the song isn't a bass dud but Cobain didn't give Novoselic much to work with.

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