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Released May 7, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: ANThology (2001)

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Who Cares if it's Easy-ish? Gigakoops
This song is a ton of fun, especially when playing with a full band (as others have pointed out). Sure, it's easier than such shredsterpieces as Satch Boogie, Afterlife and most of the Mayhem Tour pack, but that doesn't mean it's not fun.

The main riff consists of both fast strumming and sliding up and down the neck. This part is a lot of fun to play, no matter how often it happens. The chorus starts kinda iffy with simple sustained chords, but turns fun when the strum chords appear. The solo is obviously the highlight, as it's like the main riff but with more notes.

If you're one of those people who have yet to buy this, if you can look past the fact it isn't Michael Jackson it's worth the purchase.
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I agree with siavash Rimex
Everything he/she said is true, but yes, the guitar chart is unimaginably fun to play. :D Then when you play it in a full band (of course preferably with friends), then you enjoy it to its maximum. It's an amazing song, and even though it seems repetitive on guitar, I still think it's fun. The only thing holding me back from an FC is this set of notes around the end (I can't really describe them) but people who've played this on expert on guitar most likely know what I'm talking about. Should you get this? Heck yes. :)
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Tons of movement, lots of HO/POs, a bit repetitive Madotsuki
The bass chart of this song is similar to the guitar chart.
The verses have some fast alt-strumming then some HO/POs then some more notes that can be triplet-alt-strummed until repeating.
This repeats quite a bit throughout the song.
During the choruses, it changes up and you play some rows of notes until some more alt-strums and HO/POs, but you play them differently along the fretboard than the verses.
Overall, this song is very active and has alot of movement, however, theres not a whole lot of diversity, you're very often playing the same thing over and over with only a few changes between sections.
The guitar definitely recieves a 5/5, but the slightly-less-entertaining bass chart deserves a 4/5.
If you mainly play bass, you may enjoy this fun, catchy song, but you may not like it because it is a bit repetitive.
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While this song has been on the top of my list as far as customs go, I was slightly let down by the chart. Basically, if you master the main riff and the the chorus, a Gold Star is in the bag. And the solo is very easy. But of course, being difficult does not equal fun-factor.
Verse is just some small quick alt-strums then a few HOPO's. The bridge is just some alternating GY and RB chords, and the chorus is only alt-strummed YO, RB's, and GY's. Solo is a few quick HOPO's followed by swift alt-strums. Chorus and main riff again, then song's over.
While the song itself is superb and a great party and drum song, a guitarist might find this song GS'ed or even FC'ed upon sightread. However, try playing it with a band and then you'll see why this song has so many downloads!

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